1000 Jobs Haiti

1000 Jobs Haiti

Nick“In a recent New York Times Op-Ed, Nicholas Kristof described the situation in Haiti as a “brutal cycle of poverty . . . that only jobs and trade can break.” I selected 1000 Jobs Haiti for our Haiti aid project because of the organization’s unique approach to breaking this cycle of extreme poverty. I share the organization’s interest in cultivating self-sustaining communities by fostering commercial relationships and entrepreneurial development, and I feel that such work has great potential for the future in Haiti and beyond.”

Overview of the Organization’s Activities: 1000 Jobs Haiti’s mission is to alleviate poverty in Haiti’s Central Plateau by helping to create sustainable jobs that pay fair wages. It supports job-sustaining businesses by providing assistance with design, job training, marketing, investment, consulting, and networking. The organization has already had job creation success through cultivating several women’s cooperatives (including one in Haiti’s infamous Cite Soleil slum), and partnered in creating a number of jobs through a digital emergency response service known as Mission 4636. Most recently, 1000 Jobs Haiti has become a founding partner, along with the MASS Design Group and Partners in Health’s Zanmi Agrikol/Zanmi Lasante, in a proposed new vocational school/job creation initiative that will provide education and job training while rebuilding Haiti’s communities through sustainable development infrastructure projects.

Research Results: 1000 Jobs Haiti is a young organization, having formed in Rhode Island in July 2009 and received 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status as a public charity in March 2010 after completing the IRS’s rigorous application process. However, the husband and wife management team of Leroy (known to most as “Buck”) and Lucy Close, who co-founded 1000 Jobs Haiti with Dr. Paul Farmer, Executive Vice President and a founding director of Partners in Health, have a combined 70+ years of experience working in Haiti and 30 years of experience owning and operating a manufacturing business. The organization is currently in the process of having completed its first professional audit, the results of which will be available in early 2011.

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