About Us

At the beginning of the fall 2010 semester, the five of us–all third year Duke law students enrolled in Duke’s Community Enterprise Clinic–began wondering how we could use the experience we were gaining through the Clinic to contribute to the post-earthquake rebuilding efforts in Haiti. Rather than starting a new non-profit or working with private sector companies, we decided we could add the most value by analyzing existing non-profits, a skill we develop through working with Clinic clients. With about 3,000 NGOs in Haiti, we wanted to spotlight high-impact grassroots 501(c)(3) organizations and help them continue the incredible work they do by encouraging donations through this site. We believe the five organizations featured on this site to be among the very best in Haiti.


After broadly researching aid organizations in Haiti for over a month, we selected standout non-profits and examined corporate documents, press, and other background information about the organizations’ work and efficacy. We then contacted the organizations directly for interviews and further information not available online.

The framework we used to research the organizations is as follows:
(1) Organization Profile — Mission, Board Members, History, Measurable Impact, Future Plans and Projects, Specific Needs (financial and otherwise);
(2) Official Documents — Bylaws, IRS Forms Including Form 990, Audits, Annual Reports;
(3) Capacity — Staff, Volunteers, Budget;
(4) Press Coverage; and
(5) Testimonials and Other Third Party Opinions.
We then analyzed and discussed our findings with each other and Clinic faculty before endorsing our organizations.