The Haitian Education and Leadership Program

Christina“I selected H.E.L.P. (the Haitian Education and Leadership Program). HELP provides merit-based scholarships to Haitian students with extreme financial need, allowing them to attend college or vocational school following their high school graduation. A HELP scholarship is comprehensive, providing for tuition, books, housing, living, and travel expenses.”

Overview of the Organization’s Activities: In addition to the scholarships, HELP provides a variety of resources to students once they are enrolled in college. HELP has a center in Port-au-Prince with computers, internet access, a library, and a study area. HELP also offers its students various opportunities to engage with community leaders and develop a professional network.

Research Results: I chose HELP after meeting with Professor Guy Charles, who had recently visited Haiti. Professor Charles shared his experiences with the Clinic, emphasizing the lack of education of most Haitian citizens. He also shared his observation that even among the few Haitians who had college educations, some had a difficulty finding employment. While researching HELP, I was extremely impressed to find that its alumni had a 100% employment rate upon graduation. I wanted to support an organization that attacked Haiti’s poverty in two ways – by providing individual Haitians with educational opportunities, as well as providing the country with educated professionals to help spur economic development.

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