The Lambi Fund of Haiti

Brian“I chose the charity because throughout its history, Haiti has been beset by relatively ineffective and often harmful governance and regimes. I think that promoting a lasting democracy in the country will help Haiti to lift it out of its systemic poverty and contribute to successful economic development.”

Overview of the Organization’s Activities: The Lambi Fund has been operating since 1994 to help grassroots organizations and instill a democratic movement as the foundation for development across Haiti. The group funds and focuses its attention to groups operating in the areas of: sustainable development, community micro-credit, animal breeding, environmental conservation, and leadership training.

Research Results: According to an audit of the Lambi Fund’s activities, over a ten-year span from its inception, the organization has funded projects involving 76,896 individual Haitians with the potential to impact millions. The Lambi Fund operates throughout Haiti, especially important given the mass-exodus to rural areas from Port-au-Prince following the January 2010 Earthquake. The demand has never been greater for the services and organizations funded by the Lambi Fund.

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